Phil Tietjen

FullStack Web Developer


Phil, thats me! This is my little corner on the internet where i show off things that I do.

What's next?

Gatsby Themes

Gatsby is a serverless framework for building static sites. It can use data from almost any API or locally to build it's own data store in graphQL, and render it's views and components in React, all in a nice package thats rated 99 on PWA out the box. It's actually what this portfolio is built in! :)

Gatsby Themes seems to be an evolution of their starters that allows some composition with other themes and being able to update to date with later versions.

What's coming up?

Game Development

This one is a little harder to define exactly. I've always been passionate about video games. I've been playing them since I can remember and still do if I can find the time, even when I'm not playing them I'm trying to keep up to date with news, reviews, and playthroughs. The Idea of making games as a hobby still excites me, so I would like to take a looksies whether it's in Phaser, Unity, or Unreal Engine.