Phil Tietjen

FullStack Web Developer


Sometimes I either finish or come close to finishing a side project. Here are some I don't classify to be in my github graveyard.

Regular Bomb Shows (WIP)

That's right, I have 2 different projects using Giantbomb's API. I'm a fan of the site, and wanted to expand on my mirco app. Regular Bomb Shows is a PWA powered by GatsbyJS. It's a serverless netflix-like app using the Giant Bomb API as a source of data. This Gatsby App uses React, Emotion Styled, and GraphQL. The Giantbomb website underwent a redesign, implementing a Show / Season / Episode like structure to their content. As a fan of the site and as a developer, I really liked their redesign and was inspired to see what I could make with this new video structure and their API.

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Smaller Bomb

Smaller Bomb is a single page application made with Node, React, and Flex box, using the Giant Bomb API to search for videos and render their embedded video player. I have been a fan of the site for a long time and decided to play with their API.

Phil Tietjen Portfolio

Yes I'm using my own portfolio site that you're currently on as a project and you can't stop me. This was something I would start to make, and scrap it from being either too ambitious, or not quite finding the right implementation of a CMS. I then finally found a good compromise!

ThunderCats Full Page Theme

This is admitedly, pretty dumb. When i first found out about netlify's manual drag n drop deploys, I made a bunch of dumb web pages to send to people for giggles. This is one of them.

WARNING: This is an autoplaying fullscreen video with audio, it also doesn't work on mobile :(. There's also a change that the internet hates my fun and this might not work at all!