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A closer look into some stuff I've done

Porunga - Another React UI Library

A React UI library that hopes to deliver an easy to use component API that can be easily extendable to fit the functional and design needs for multiple platforms and audiences.

Project Highlights

  • TypeScript - Strong typing with props
  • Style Guidist - Self documentation from Types and JSDocs
  • Emotion - Theming and styling
  • Single Theme Config - Source of truth for pallete, sizes, spaces, etc
  • Small Bundle Size - appoximating so far at 8kb

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When my close friend of mine and I decided to wonder into the world of podcasting, we wanted a website to help out with some web presence. So we decided to build a small website for some of our content. We built the website using GatsbyJS, TailwindCSS, and Emotion/styled. The site also consumes data from our podcast hosting at PodBean using their API and loads it into Gatsby's GraphQL data layer on build time.

Let's Take a Look At CSS in JS with React - 2019 Series

A three part series of blog posts published to dev of me going through various methods of CSS in JS in React, along with my personal takes on them. I went through with inline styling, ReactJSS, and Styled Components. I had a great time writing these posts and the engagements that came with it!

Gatsby Bomb PWA

That's right, I have 2 different projects using Giantbomb's API. I'm a fan of the site, and wanted to expand on my mirco app. Regular Bomb Shows is a PWA powered by GatsbyJS. It's a serverless netflix-like app using the Giant Bomb API as a source of data. This Gatsby App uses React, Emotion Styled, and GraphQL. The Giantbomb website underwent a redesign, implementing a Show / Season / Episode like structure to their content. As a fan of the site and as a developer, I really liked their redesign and was inspired to see what I could make with this new video structure and their API.

Smaller Bomb

Smaller Bomb is a single page application made with Node, React, and Flex box, using the Giant Bomb API to search for videos and render their embedded video player. I have been a fan of the site for a long time and decided to play with their API.

Phil Tietjen Portfolio

Yes I'm using my own portfolio site that you're currently on as a project and you can't stop me. This was something I would start to make, and scrap it from being either too ambitious, or not quite finding the right implementation of a CMS. I then finally found a good compromise!

ThunderCats Full Page Theme

This is admitedly, pretty dumb. When i first found out about netlify's manual drag n drop deploys, I made a bunch of dumb web pages to send to people for giggles. This is one of them.

WARNING: This is an autoplaying fullscreen video with audio, it also doesn't work on mobile :(. There's also a change that the internet hates my fun and this might not work at all!

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